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Review of my uni course - year 1! Part 2

And here's the second part...

Developing Graphic Principles
What we did: Re-brand a local Bristol charity with a full stationary set and 3 other promotional material

What I ended up doing: Pretty much what I was asked to do. My 3 other bits of promotional material were a leaflet, a donation slip and an awareness poster

What I thought of it all?: I didn't have a CLUE what to do at first, I really struggled coming up with an idea to develop untill my teacher gave me a push in the right direction ^^; Once I came up with an idea I was okay XD Although my designs didn't win the prize that was assiocated with this moduel D:

What we did: Design a font and then turn it into typography posters

What I ended up doing: I designed a circular font and designed typography posters that I thought were what we were ment to be doing...

What I thought of it all?: ...but apparantly, the teacher of this moduel didn't like any of my stuff. As I thought during the whole of it since he never said anything nice about any of it. So naturally I ended up hating typography and got a crappy mark ¬_¬

Editorial Design
What we did: Design a masthead, front cover and at least 2 dobule page spreads for a made up magazine

What I ended up doing: I did as I was told, but I ended up designing 4 double page spreads.

What I thought of it all?: I really liked editorial design :) I actually took alot of inspiration from manga/comics infact in what I did with the images. It wasn't perfect (as my teacher pointed out, some of my text placement was a bit awkward) but it got me my best mark :D

And there we go, that was my first year! Some moduels were better than others obviously as that what happens with any course like this. But we shall see how the next year goes! ^^



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